Gabriel Art Studio – Malayali Photographer and Designer

Gabriel Art Studio – Malayali Photographer and Designer

Gabriel Art Studio – Malayali Photographer and Designer

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I am Gabriel George. Throughout my life, I have been fascinated by images and always wondered how the world is been represented through the eyes of others. Having grown up so close to nature my love for outdoors grew tremendously. This naturally drew me into photography. I loved capturing the goodness of nature, which indeed is one part of my profession now.

My father who was an artist was my biggest inspiration, above all the other thriving I had for art. He was a perfectionist who followed his instincts when it comes to art. I always wanted to follow my father’s path and was fascinated by his patience and creativity. I know I have it in my gene, like sugar rush I always have art rush.

It may come as a surprise to at least some to know that I began my first career as a digital title designer. But my passion for art didn’t let me choose that way; instead, I was searching for opportunities to show out my artistic side. Finally, that ended me up as an art director for national commercial advertisements.  But my dreams didn’t come to an end there, as I was not getting satisfied with what I do. It took quite a long to understand my feeling for natural art and art forms.

I never thought of being an artist even though I loved drawing and painting different kinds of art forms. At the beginning I always thought I am born to be a photographer, then that ideology started changing from time to time. But nothing could give me an ease of mind like me creating art on canvas. That feeling of satisfaction made me think with a fresh mind what I exactly wanted to be called.

Now, I love calling myself an ARTIST more than anything else.

I have been working in different streams of art for quite long, which cultivated an interest in fetching Bachelors in Painting & Drawing. Now that I know my inner soul as an artist, it is important to learn and flourish my soul in me.


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