Kerala Muslim Students Association (The Last Monday)

Kerala Muslim Students Association (The Last Monday)

Kerala Muslim Students Association (The Last Monday)

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The Last Monday group is an idea realized from our Muslim Malayalee student’s community to communicate, share, socialize common ideas and concern, and also help with job opportunities, and other related information. As part of socializing, we gather last Monday of every other month.

History of TLM

Our Vision

Become a reliable organization for international students that provide support and guidance.

Our Mission

  1. build a cohesive and unified community of Kerala Muslim Students with great moral values, encouraging social involvement and helping attitude
  2. promote the advancement of education by providing guidance and support
  3. provide resources and moral support for new students to settle in the various part of Canada
  4. promote organized athletics, arts, recreation, education, interfaith, civic emergency, social service and other community endeavors
  5. organize social activities and cultural programs designed to promote cultural interchange and the quality of life in Canada
  6. build a better society provide awareness on contemporary, civic, economic, social, and cultural issues affecting the lives of Kerala Muslim Students in Canada
  7. To help and support newly arrived international students help success in Canada by providing guidance and services.


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