Ontario Regional Malayalee Association (ORMA)

Ontario Regional Malayalee Association (ORMA)

Ontario Regional Malayalee Association (ORMA)

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ORMA is a cultural association formed in 2011 by like-minded professionals representing the tradition and rich heritage of God’s own country, Kerala-India. The association is a secular, nonprofit, and nonpolitical organization that aims towards the betterment of the social lifestyle of the Malayalee community in Ontario, Canada.

ORMA has broken down the barriers of divisions, adapted to the needs of the Malayalee community in Ontario, and urges its members to participate and take leadership in various events throughout the year. ORMA is also a friendly forum for the Ontario Malayalees to meet and exchange their views, foster a spirit of friendship, goodwill, and understanding. The primary and distinguishing purpose of ORMA is to bind the community together by promoting and preserving its identity, traditions, and values.

By conducting various cultural programs through which the heritage can be shared, ORMA builds a bridge between various cultural groups and the larger community. ORMA is committed to serving the community through its far-reaching programs and endeavors.

Over the years, ORMA has continuously grown through the contribution of time and talent from individuals who served as office bearers of ORMA. The association has always been very nimble in adapting its activities to the changing times and needs of the Malayalee community. Our active leaders are constantly coming up with innovative ideas to drive the organization forward. A great thanks to all our team members & active volunteers who helped the organization grow to such a great level.

ORMA is led by a team of Executive Committee comprising the President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Trustee, Program Coordinator and the Public Relations Office (PRO). The Executive Committee has the power to appoint sub committees with powers necessary to fix the quorum and regulates the proceedings of such committees.

The Core Committee of ORMA serves as a permanent planning and implementing body regarding the policies and projects for the benefit of the community.


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