Priyanka Sugathan – Malayali Mortgage Agent

Priyanka Sugathan – Malayali Mortgage Agent

Priyanka Sugathan – Malayali Mortgage Agent

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Deciding to buy a home is the biggest investment in a person’s life and I’m passionate to help you through each step of home buying and mortgage processes – from determining how much you qualify to ensuring you have everything in place till you receive your key and mortgage paid off.
I also guide you through best products available in the market when mortgage is up for renewal and help you access the equity built up in your home through a refinance or home equity line of credit to free up cash flow, pay off debt, buy an investment property, purchase a car, your kids’ education or whatever you need.
I’m committed to understand your goals so that I can help choose a suitable mortgage which cost you less till the day of closure of your mortgage, thus saving as much of your hard earned money as possible.
Whether you are a first-time home buyer, a seasoned homeowner, self-employed, or seeking non-traditional mortgage solutions such as reverse mortgages, spousal separation mortgages or debt consolidation, I’m quite eager and ready to take the stress out of the daunting process and put your mind at ease.
In short, we shop the mortgage market to find the best combination of product,
features, and price. No one bank offers every mortgage program and product, and
our loyalty is to the customer, not the lender.
Our strategy not only help our clients get a great rate but we do much more than that, we match your needs with best overall mortgage package to meet those needs.
I understand that mortgages aren't a one size fits all proposition. I’m happy to answer your questions and discuss your unique mortgage needs. I find value in the partnership, collaboration and supporting my peers.
On a more personal note, I live in Toronto and enjoy an active family life with my husband and son. I try to keep fit by jogging and doing yoga. I look forward to helping you out.


  • Mode of payments

    Cash, Cards, Interac

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    Visa, Mastercard