Team Canadian Lions Club

Team Canadian Lions Club

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Team Canadian Lions (TCL) is a prominent  Malayali club that has shown their strength and valor in many competitions across North America for both male and female category.

What started as a casual gathering of 10-15 like-minded sports enthusiastic youngsters with an aim of learning traditional Kerala sport of ‘Vadamvali’ (Tug of War) led to the formation of Team Canadian Lions in 2017. The first year was solely spend acquiring the tricks of the trades and eventually in 2019 got officially registered as ‘Team Canadian Lions Sports Club’. At present the club has over 200 active members interested in various sporting events.

From a humble start the club has grown into a strong team, focused on physical well-being and socio-cultural activities of the Malayali community in Ontario. Ever since Team Canadian Lions have been actively participating in various sports activities such as Vadamvali (Tug of War) Badminton, Vallamkali (Boat Race), Soccer, Volleyball and Cricket to name a few.

The team has expanded its reach by organizing various summer picnics, Onam and Christmas celebrations. Furthermore, TCL has engaged in many social welfare activities especially during the floods in Kerala, India by raising funds for the needy. TCL continuously extends its helping hand during the Covid-19 pandemic by organizing food drive for the new immigrants and international students of Canada


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